The Wheels on the Bus go ‘Round and ‘Round…

…all through the town. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Our Creativity in Community class wrapped up with a bang. The PHS students were able to learn a lotttttttttt during our tour of Spectrum Printing and Graphics. Sounds familiar? Well that’s because our friends at Spectrum do all of our printing in support of the work we do in the community. As graphic design students, they were able to learn how their work is often printed and published once they’ve sent it to printing.

I can go on and on for days about all of the information provided by our tour guide Mr. Andrew. For now, I’ll leave this quick slide show for your viewing. In the slide show you will see how engaged, and attentive the amazing PHS students were.

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Hi, again! You didn’t get rid of me that easily. Did you notice anything in the slide show? I’ll give you a hint,  PHS was highlighted above for a reason. Ms. Cook worked with Ms.K, and the Spectrum printing team to create a surprise piece of the student’s work. Ms. Cook collaged the student’s graphic designs onto large letters in place of the entire school name (Patterson High School). Although, the letters had been printed already, the students were able to watch an operator control the machine used to cut the letters out individually.

Check back to see where the letters are displayed on the school’s campus.


Year of the Partnerships

It’s been a longgggggg journey of transition for the Youth Dreamers. Our creative thinking has taken us places we never imagined going. We also entered amazing partnerships with local organizations and schools along the way.

Keep reading to learn about our newest one…For starters, without the planning and grant writing done by one of our MICA students, Susan this would not have happened this semester. On top of partnering with PHS Graphic Design students, CUPs Coffee House, and Monarch Academy for our community work we now work with the Baltimore City Community College Refugee Project.

Scroll down to see amazing pictures of our students working…

BUT!!!! if you want to see the awesome films they’ve put together come to our Spring Showcase on Monday, April 23, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.


Spring Showcase

It’s that time of the year!

Creativity in Community class will be ending this month!

Before we say, “See ya Later”, we would like the community to see our hard work…done WITH them!!

You’ve guessed right! The doors of the Dream House are ALWAYS open to the public. However, this post has a special invite just for YOU(and everyone we hope you tell)!

Join us as we showcase the marvelous community work our students have facilitated this semester! Both the PHS and MICA students have worked hard with students from Monarch Academy, and CUPs Coffee House to apply skills they were taught in class this school year.

While you’re there check out the amazing work from a fabulous group of young ladies in the B-Fly Network!

Click the link above for more details! Hope to see you there 🙂

Back at it again!

Hey readers, it’s Jess again!

I promise some greatttttttt postings will be coming from our students very soon.

However, this post is about me assisting Kai (PHS student) during one of his group’s community workshops! Kai did a great job at instructing the students and making sure they were prepared to make their fun Superhero trading cards :). This was my first visit to any of the community groups so the students had not met me yet. They were very welcoming and some of them even asked me to sit and chat with them. It was clear the 3rd-5th grade group for Monarch Academy has developed a bond with the students. That group has Kai, Prescott, Amera, and Diana. While, Kai was the only group member present, many of them asked where were the other members. 

On my end, it was fun to be in a classroom with young students again! The students were respectful and full of energy. It has been years since I led a class with school-aged students. 


Buzzing All Around Us

I walked into the youth center this past Monday, and students were EVERYWHERE.

Now in a school,or traditional classroom setting this would be pretty alarming!! Teachers, administrators and other staff would think the class and/or students are out of control. However, this INSTANTLY put a smile on my face.

Students were on the first floor, second floor, and third. They were utilizing EVERY part of the Dream House. Thus allowing the Dream House to live out to its full potential and purpose. Students were busy preparing for their community workshops that would be held off site in the community that afternoon. 

This was also a sign that our students are growing. No more baby steps, and warming up to become comfortable. They were ALL taking charge in a cooperative way. 


As the groups headed out into the community the buzzing slowed down. There is one group that are working hard on pieces to add to our spring showcase (pssstttt. stay tuned for details!!!). Although the house wasn’t empty, those students were focused on executing great pieces! 

The buzzing began again as students burst through the Dream House’s front door. They returned overjoyed at the success of their second week of workshops in the community. Some students mentioned the kids at the community schools, remembered their names and were extremely happy to see them again.

Check back next week, to hear more buzzing. 

Inside the brain’s of our PHS students after their First Day back this Spring!

  • “I am excited to get into the flow of teaching the students in community groups”.
  • “I am a team player”.
  • Eye contact while others are talking is another form of respect.
  • Show cooperation in teams to change the perspective of those that may be watching. 
  • Expression and youth voice is important. Be mindful to open up the floor to any and everyone in all arenas.
  • It is okay to discuss and share ideas with others that may or may not be apart of your class/group.

Greet and listen!

Hey, it’s me…Jessica. I  have something warming to share. 

On Monday’s, I spend a short amount of time with most, if not all of the high school students asking how did their weekends go, what’s new in life, etc. If I don’t make my rounds before class begins, or during, I exchange words with students as they re-board the MICA bus. 

This past Monday, 1/29 was our first day back this spring with the high school students. They were busy planning for their community workshops. This means the students were in groups consisting of MICA and PHS students together. 

As Diana gathered her things to leave, I asked how was her day. She replied and told me she had a great day because working in her group went well. I asked what about working in the group did she enjoy, she replied, “I was able to share my ideas and everyone listened to me”.  Something about how she said it, made think this may be new for her. So I asked does that happen often, and she went on to tell me not really. 

It was very heart warming to know, our young students are being heard and ideas are being shared.

For the last year or two, it’s been important to me that I share positive vibes, words, smiles to everyone. You never know the difference you can make just by saying hello or asking how someone’s day may be going.