The Fine Print About Both Programs

The M.F.A in Community Arts (MFACA) prepares artists to define their art practices as a means of civic engagement, community organizing and development, activism, education, and more. Students experience how art and artist s help communities articulate their own history, cultural identity, interest, and needs—and how community in turn inspires the artist’s own creative potential.

Real work with real consequences!

The Youth Dreamers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that created the Dream House, the only youth-run youth center in Baltimore. Founded in a middle-school Community Action course fifteen years ago, the Youth Dreamers and their community partners worked timelessly to find, purchases, and completely renovate an abandoned house at 1430 Carswell St. in the Coldstream-Homestead- Montebello neighborhood. These students had a dream to decrease violence after school among young people by establishing a youth-led space for community, service, and constructive activities. In 2010, the Dream House opened. In 2014, seven Youth Dreamers in high school and college published I Am Not a Test Score: Lessons Learned from Dreaming, a nonfiction, how-to book that provides a model for other youth, youth workers, and non-profit organizations.


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