Happy Creativity in Community Monday

Today we embarked on the exciting journey of hosting our MICA MFA students.

While we are still recruiting high school students, we made the best of our first class!!!

The students walked into The Dream House with smiling faces, and warm hearts. 

The energy throughout the entire day was amazing! 

The most touching part of the day took place during our ice breaker, jolly circles.  (Students had to answer the corresponding question to the color of the jolly rancher they selected and also share the quote they decided to put on their journal for afternoon pages.) 

The phenomenal sharing did not stop there! We spent 2 minutes each sharing “What brought us here? and What events in our own personal history ultimately led us to this space?”

Everyone’s story dated back to birth and their journey’s in the education world.

Attached you will find pictures of the Magnificent Monday we had!




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