A Surprise Visit!!!

One beauty of the Youth Dreamers running program in the Dream House again is…you never know who will pop up!!!!

Today our surprise visit came from an older Youth Dreamer, Miriam Harris. The visit sprung when she noticed Ms.K’s car in the parking lot as she showed the house to a friend accompanying on the trip. While her intentions were to make notice of the Dream House that she so often talked about, she immediately knocked on the door to step inside. Much to our surprise of her being on the other side of the knock, she was excited to hear the reason why we were in the house on a Monday afternoon.

During her quick visit she shared what life after undergrad is like, and laughed at memories of her time with the YD’s. Many of the skills she has learned as a YD are applied EVERYDAY in her full-time work at a non-profit in Philadelphia!

Just one success story of the MANY  from the students that have put in time and hard work as a Youth Dreamer!

“I love the direction the YD’s are headed in. As an adult who was raised as a YD and works in the non-profit sector full time, this project is like nothing I’ve ever seen done. After all these years, we’re still ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and youth advocacy.”- Miriam Harris, pictured holding the camera with blonde hair.


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