Starr Wants to Tell Everyone of Her Second Class.

Today’s class began with taking a moment to read the wallboard and create a
word of feeling, attach the stick note to the wallboard. My word for today was
“Laughter” in a warm friendly manner. From there we flushed out more of our
thoughts and creative ideas by writing in our journals-freestyle. In my journal
before I arrive to class at Youth Dreamers, I wrote:“ Now it is the afternoon and time
for class at Youth Dreamers. It’s Monday and I am looking forward to the class
project(s). I know it will include making, thinking, and creating-fun “stuff”.

From this point we discussed our thoughts with each other to generate a
drawing in the Labyrinth “circle” style, this lead to our next assignment that we had
previously selected ten words from our list (of 101 words). We then took those ten
words down to 3 words that we could express in our “circle’ creation. Art Supplies
YEAAAHHH!!! We could draw, collage, or paste. There was a discussion after from
those who chose to explain their work. I tried to tell a story through a major
illustration image that constantly arrives in my work and I have now accepted this
image or these images and work with them without trying to control how or where
they will be in any of my art projects.

Moving from ten words to five words to three was difficult for me…personally I
cannot have one with out the other(s) so my words were Arts, Positive Attitude,
Compassion and Nature…


-Starr Page


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