Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This week was one of preparation. In anticipation for the high schooler’s that will be joining us the following week, we participated in discussions of transportation strategy, and mindfulness.

But outside of and included within all of the preparatory work, was a huge EXCITEMENT. Everything is moving forward and falling into place.

The students we are working with are so impressive, and I can only speak for myself, not the group, I cannot wait to collaborate with them.

I so appreciate the opportunity to look at the graphic novels and videos created by past students of the program that we are going to be working with. It gave us a peek into the lives, interests, and concerns of the students, so that we can prepare to understand their lives. It also gave us a peek into their work.

They are talented, and mature, alternatively serious and humorous, sweet and smart. They’re concerned with so many things and concerned about so many others. I am sure that through working together, we can create programming for the dream house that will benefit neighborhood youth, and begin a program that will continue for years to come.

How would we proceed to introduce ourselves to our new high school partners?

I found myself trying exceptionally hard while writing my artist statement, because I know it’s one of the first things our new high school partners will know about me. I want to put my best foot forward, but I also want to be understood. I want our cooperative to be built on clarity. I discussed in my statement that I believe that at the core of my main values is the desire to create connections. Connectivity and working in unity are the keys to creating larger change. Connections in life and relationships create joy, positive working environments. Connections are the key to working ethically. Because connections are how we understand each other, and what we all need to create a better world.


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