Does it all make dollars and cents?

Again today, Miss Cook’s students blew my mind with their sensitivity and presence (in the social justice/artistically sensitive way).  I appreciate that the jitters — and the giggles — are lessening as times goes on and more and more of the group are “turning in” to the process of mindfulness and the opportunity in front of them. 

It was also amazingly educational to learn — in a game-ified way even — all the different paths that have been tried for fundraising historically…as well as HOW MUCH it in fact costs to hold such a venture up.   

I think making such information acquisition is enjoyable for child and adult alike…and often times a little friendly competition will keep a diverse range of personalities engaged.  It is both enlightening and daunting how much it does cost to keep the Dream House going.  And a great lesson for the students, including us grad students…to realize how much things cost/are worth.  

Often times it is so easy to pass something off when things are handed to you…but to know the dollars and cents assigned to a given object/service it starts to become deeper.  
It was the cutest, softest, and most fun mallet bonk on appreciation I have received in my life.



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