Guest Facilitator for of the Day

  • Career Day
  • Bring your child to work day
  • Inside out day
  • Election day
  • Crazy hat day
  • Pay day

What about ‘Let’s plan the YD’s Holiday Fundraiser w/Jess day‘?

For the last three months, I’ve been the quiet mouse, sitting in on class. I usually blend into the students, or I am off to the side doing work on my laptop.

BUT!!! Today, I was able to join the class 🙂

No matter where I am w/ a fellow YD or what I am doing for the YD’s I am learning and growing. Although, I stood in front out the group and guides discussions and flushed out ideas, I felt like I was in project class all over again. As mentioned before the work the Creativity in Community students are doing models the lessons taught to older Youth Dreamers.

I appreciate the students, both grad and high school for being respectful and making the most of our time together. We were able to share many ideas, and complete a proposal for the Holiday party’s theme and activities.

The date has been set, and the part will take place on Dec. 14th at the Dream House!  The following link will provide more details and ticket options.  Hope to see you there!!!

Despite my day time with the group being short…this was great practice as in a few years I hope to become a college professor.



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