Prepare. Create. Apply. Evaluate.

Ms. K prepared so much for class today and it was mind blowing. She had all of the stations prepared so all we had to do was execute them. Cam, Catherine and I worked on the mailbox and everyone throughout the house was working on something. There was great energy throughout the house. Most of us got everything done. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken if Jessica and Ms. K did all of that themselves…and they had no reason to do it by themselves! We all worked together to get the idea/theme and all the work and details are coming now. We got a lot of them done today and I am sure we will have some time to finish them next Monday. Still pretty bummed I can’t come to the fundraiser, but I know it will be successful…once we all share and get people to buy tickets!

It was interesting observing Nacho lead class again today. Her energy is quite opposite of Ms. K and I noticed some of the high schoolers getting sleepy. Nacho is much quieter. Nothing against her, it’s just how she speaks, much more calmly. I hope they got something out of what we did. I am finding a bit of difficulty making the connection of learning about icons and what we are working on now (especially with the fundraiser). I think it is great for the high schoolers as learning designers, but I am struggling to find the connection with “why now?” I think it’s great, just lacking the why for now.

I hope the fundraiser is a success. I think it was very ambitious for us to throw one together in just a few weeks, and it is coming to fruition! SO much planning, but I think it’s working. On another note, I love how we open class. Morning pages and mindfulness is really great. I wish we had something like this when I was in high school. It seems the high schoolers enjoy it and are all for it. I am sure some high schoolers hate it, but it seems like this bunch is gaining a lot from it. My co-teacher at Access Art tried implementing this with our Youth Assistants. We did it once and it seemed to go really well! They thought it was strange, but everyone participated. We haven’t kept up with it, in part because we probably just forgot since we are not used to doing it, but I think it’s a great idea. Middle schoolers are a bit of a challenge, but with a smaller group it worked well. If I become a teacher in the future, I would love to implement this tactic.


-Jessie (MICA student)


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