Greet and listen!

Hey, it’s me…Jessica. I  have something warming to share. 

On Monday’s, I spend a short amount of time with most, if not all of the high school students asking how did their weekends go, what’s new in life, etc. If I don’t make my rounds before class begins, or during, I exchange words with students as they re-board the MICA bus. 

This past Monday, 1/29 was our first day back this spring with the high school students. They were busy planning for their community workshops. This means the students were in groups consisting of MICA and PHS students together. 

As Diana gathered her things to leave, I asked how was her day. She replied and told me she had a great day because working in her group went well. I asked what about working in the group did she enjoy, she replied, “I was able to share my ideas and everyone listened to me”.  Something about how she said it, made think this may be new for her. So I asked does that happen often, and she went on to tell me not really. 

It was very heart warming to know, our young students are being heard and ideas are being shared.

For the last year or two, it’s been important to me that I share positive vibes, words, smiles to everyone. You never know the difference you can make just by saying hello or asking how someone’s day may be going. 




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