Buzzing All Around Us

I walked into the youth center this past Monday, and students were EVERYWHERE.

Now in a school,or traditional classroom setting this would be pretty alarming!! Teachers, administrators and other staff would think the class and/or students are out of control. However, this INSTANTLY put a smile on my face.

Students were on the first floor, second floor, and third. They were utilizing EVERY part of the Dream House. Thus allowing the Dream House to live out to its full potential and purpose. Students were busy preparing for their community workshops that would be held off site in the community that afternoon. 

This was also a sign that our students are growing. No more baby steps, and warming up to become comfortable. They were ALL taking charge in a cooperative way. 


As the groups headed out into the community the buzzing slowed down. There is one group that are working hard on pieces to add to our spring showcase (pssstttt. stay tuned for details!!!). Although the house wasn’t empty, those students were focused on executing great pieces! 

The buzzing began again as students burst through the Dream House’s front door. They returned overjoyed at the success of their second week of workshops in the community. Some students mentioned the kids at the community schools, remembered their names and were extremely happy to see them again.

Check back next week, to hear more buzzing. 


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