Back at it again!

Hey readers, it’s Jess again!

I promise some greatttttttt postings will be coming from our students very soon.

However, this post is about me assisting Kai (PHS student) during one of his group’s community workshops! Kai did a great job at instructing the students and making sure they were prepared to make their fun Superhero trading cards :). This was my first visit to any of the community groups so the students had not met me yet. They were very welcoming and some of them even asked me to sit and chat with them. It was clear the 3rd-5th grade group for Monarch Academy has developed a bond with the students. That group has Kai, Prescott, Amera, and Diana. While, Kai was the only group member present, many of them asked where were the other members. 

On my end, it was fun to be in a classroom with young students again! The students were respectful and full of energy. It has been years since I led a class with school-aged students. 



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