The Wheels on the Bus go ‘Round and ‘Round…

…all through the town. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Our Creativity in Community class wrapped up with a bang. The PHS students were able to learn a lotttttttttt during our tour of Spectrum Printing and Graphics. Sounds familiar? Well that’s because our friends at Spectrum do all of our printing in support of the work we do in the community. As graphic design students, they were able to learn how their work is often printed and published once they’ve sent it to printing.

I can go on and on for days about all of the information provided by our tour guide Mr. Andrew. For now, I’ll leave this quick slide show for your viewing. In the slide show you will see how engaged, and attentive the amazing PHS students were.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hi, again! You didn’t get rid of me that easily. Did you notice anything in the slide show? I’ll give you a hint,  PHS was highlighted above for a reason. Ms. Cook worked with Ms.K, and the Spectrum printing team to create a surprise piece of the student’s work. Ms. Cook collaged the student’s graphic designs onto large letters in place of the entire school name (Patterson High School). Although, the letters had been printed already, the students were able to watch an operator control the machine used to cut the letters out individually.

Check back to see where the letters are displayed on the school’s campus.


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