Breaking Down Barriers through Creativity in Community.

The Youth Dreamers are THRILLED to share that we are now partnering with MICA’s MFA in Community Arts Program to bring high school students together with graduate students to create social justice, arts-based programs at the Dream House!

Together students will take a year-long course called Breaking Down Barriers through Creativity at the Dream House. Classes include:

  • Social Justice Curriculum
  • Program Planning and Fundraising
  • Grantwriting, Evaluation, and Sustainability 

In the Fall, MICA graduate students and high school students work collaboratively in small teams to come up with arts based, social justice workshops that take place at the Dream House or in community in the Spring.  Students fundraise for these workshops, develop plans for sharing information/recruitment, and identify best practices in teaching and learning.  

In the Spring, teams facilitate their workshops in spaces in community and reflect/revise after each session.  By the end of the semester, they plan a “showcase” at the Dream House of the work that they did in community, inviting family, friends, funders, etc.  During this time, students also create logic models for their workshops, develop tools for evaluation, and write grants to support the work.   High school students earn service-learning hours for their class time and are paid when they are teaching in community.

If this is all sounding familiar, it should! This is the work that we did for many years with young people from the community!!!

What is different is that we are bringing graduate students in community arts into the mix to learn about Baltimore directly from our high school students. Our high school students have the opportunity to take graduate level courses and become the next generation of Youth Dreamers: designing, implementing and evaluating programs at the Dream House–programs that will be created based on the needs and interest of members of our community.

We are beyond grateful to be able to reignite this partnership with MFACA that started many years ago with summer programming in the 14th district of Baltimore. It was then that we saw the incredible value of bringing graduate students together with high school students to be change agents in their own communities.